What Does It Mean To Vibrate At A High Frequency?

Vibrational Energy Breakdown: What Does It Mean To Vibrate At A High Frequency?

If you have spent any time at all learning about spirituality, I’m sure that you have been asked to “raise your vibration”. But, what is vibration? And how can you improve it?

Before we get to raising our vibration, let’s first understand what spiritual vibration is and how it impacts you.


What Is Vibrational Energy?

Everything vibrates on an atomic level. I am not an expert in quantum physics.

But, spiritually, everything vibrates at a certain frequency. Our vibration is decided by the sum total of our thoughts, beliefs, and actions. You vibrate at a specific frequency. And, based on your vibration, you manifest or block specific experiences in your life.

Low vibrational energy can cause:

● A psychic sickness

● Emotional turmoil

● Mental confusion

● Poverty mindset

● Loneliness

● Victim mindset

● Social withdrawal

● Codependency


Our vibration doesn’t change or increase in a day. It takes some time and practice. All activities that free us from negative thoughts and emotions (be that dance, yoga, meditation, or journaling) can improve our vibration.


Signs Of High Vibration: How Does A High VIbrational Person Behave?

Now that you know what vibrational energy is, let’s understand how high vibrations manifest in an individual. If you have ever wondered about the signs of high vibration, this is how a high vibrational person behaves.


● Trusts their path

● Doesn’t get intimidated by adversity

● Take risks to manifest powerful changes in their life

● Engages in self-care activities regularly

● Doesn’t mind taking a break when they recognize what they need


That’s not to say that a high vibrational person is any better than the rest of us. These individuals aren’t perfect, but they recognize their divinity and appreciate their imperfections. And when it comes to living a happy life, that’s really all a person needs.


What Does It Mean To Vibrate At A High Frequency?

Now that you know the signs of a high vibrational individual, let’s talk about what it means to vibrate at a high frequency. When you vibrate at a high frequency, you are able to:

1. Recognize Your Divinity: You don’t feel the need to be perfect. You accept that a human being can’t possibly be perfect. We have a right to make mistakes and learn from them. We have a right to become a better version of ourselves. By chasing perfection, we are denying ourselves the right to improve.


2. Forgive Your Past: When you vibrate at a high frequency, you understand that everything has a purpose. Our past taught us valuable lessons. It taught us to fight for what we deserve and not accept anything less. It taught us to embrace our mistakes and forgive others for theirs.


3. Align With Your Life Purpose: Everyone aspires to live a purpose-driven life. But, living out our purpose requires sacrifice. To align with our life purpose, we need to sacrifice our distractions, negative habits and patterns, and people-pleasing tendencies. When we raise our vibration, all these changes happen naturally. We lose interest in things, people, and habits that don’t serve our higher purpose.

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