Clearing negative or stagnant energy

Clearing Out The Old: Removing Stagnant Or Negative Energy From Your Life

In this day and age, everyone has a painful past. Why wouldn't they? Life isn’t easy. But what can you do to clear out the old energy in your life? Why do you need to clear out old energy from your past? Doesn't our past make us stronger? Yes, it does. But, things are not that simple.


When we are in a difficult situation, we operate in survival mode. Sometimes, especially after traumatic situations, we struggle to come out of it. Even after the issue has passed, our life is all about survival. We forget that our life needs to have quality too. It needs to have a purpose. We need to be happy. Otherwise, there is no point in just breathing and surviving. This is why we need to clear out the old energy. It not only helps us with processing our past, but helps us move on as well.


How To Clear Old Energy And Move On In Life

Now that you know why you need to clear out old energy, let's discuss how you can do that. There are many ways for you to clear old energy from your life, the first one is replacing it with new energy.


1. Replacing The Old With The New

I understand that forgetting your past isn't easy. And you don't need to either. But, you do need to replace the old energy with new. First, you need to cleanse yourself with a bath. You can use organic bath salts, essential oils, and self-love crystals to help you with it. After that, cleanse your home with sage smoke. Buy something new for yourself and your house. You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on it. Just buy a new hairband, a T-Shirt, anything you will be using regularly. Buy something new for your house as well. It can be as small as a bedsheet. These new things will not change the energy of your life. But, they will remind you to change it. Every time you see or wear your new T-shirt, make a positive change in your life. This change can be as small as writing a few affirmations or thank you notes for the people you love.


2. Aromatherapy

To clear out the old energy from your life using aromatherapy, start with a scented candle. Make sure you buy one from a trusted source. Or, you can make one of your own in a DIY fashion. Light this candle on your altar. If you don’t have one, you can use any clean table in your house. Imagine the light of the candle expanding and enveloping the room in sacred energy. The element of fire can easily transmute old, stagnant energy. Call on the element to help you transmute the negative energy from your aura and your house. To clear out the old energy, you can also make a DIY spray with eucalyptus, sage, and citrus essential oils.


3. Crystals

Crystals like hematite, obsidian, and tourmaline can help you extract old energy from your life. You can give this energy to the universe for transmutation. This will free you from the old, stagnant energy in your life.

Simply hold a crystal in your hand and imagine the light of the crystal running through your chakras and removing all negative and old energy from your energy body. Because this transformation is happening on the energetic level, it will take some time for it to heal you on the physical plane. Over the next few days/months, you will observe that you have stopped resonating with things that you used to love. Repeat this exercise on a weekly basis to receive the best results.


4. Meditation

Meditation is the most powerful way to release old energy from your life.

Take a few deep breaths. As you inhale, imagine new energy entering your body and changing your life. Exhale and allow the old, stagnant energy to leave your body. Shift your focus to your heart. Place one hand on your chest and feel your heart beating. Play some light ambient music and continue to feel your heartbeat. This will open your heart chakra and you will begin making decisions for your highest good, one of them will be releasing the old energy that no longer serves you from your life.


Final Words

Take a moment to think of three things in your life that keep you from moving forward. How can you release these things? What is your best course of action?

Sometimes our past haunts us like a ghost. You already know how to release old energy from your life and be ghost-free. It is time to set yourself free from it.

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