Manifest Mavens - Host an Intention Setting Gathering

Manifest Mavens - Host an Intention Setting Gathering


    Hello Gorgeous Soul! 💖 You are on your way! 💫 Awakened to the power of manifesting your dreams into reality.  Life feels so vibrant and with possibilities now, right?  In this space, you will find a little more info about the tips and tricks to honing your art of manifestation. Yes, it's an art so that are so many things you can do to make things happen a little faster, a little smoother and most importantly, like you desire, or better.  Finally, you might wanna share your insights with the closest people in your life and become a Manifest Maven influencer. 

    Manifest Mavens get 50% off bracelets and necklaces, free Superfly Wishes tote bag, free mini "To-Manifest Journals",  special code to make 20% on affiliate marketing of the product, special invite to new releases. 

    Start your  journey with us here by sharing a "manifestation come true"  or any WINS that you just experienced. It's the "drift wood" for anyone else who might dreaming a similar dream. We are all here to applaud each other's wins!

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